My first morning I followed the trail behind the hostel to get a view ofthe surrounding mountains and valley. It was frosty but the sun warmed the air. I did not get far because it did not take long to be huffing and puffing and for the calves to protest but I got high enough to afford intimate views of my surroundings as well as the bigger picture outward.

Behind me I could see what fall leaves were left as well as the top of Whistler mountain where the sky tram station 106-2

I liked the intimate views on the path in front of me.

pictures 092-2

pictures 079-2

When I climbed a little higher, I looked across the valley to Pyramid Mountain

pictures 089-2

There was more to see that morning so Idid not linger here long, had to get to one of my favourite spots in Jasper National Park.


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