Icefields Parkway-Two Stops

I didn’t want to drive the whole length of the Icefields Parkway since time was limited but did go south to two of my favourite stops not far from the town of Jasper: Horseshoe Lake and Athabasca Falls.

At the first stop I love the abstract reflections of the rocks in the water that is a beautiful blue-green. It is just a short hike from the parking lot through the woods to the lake. There are two main paths across the creek – I took both and saw totally different views.

pictures 124-2

pictures 166-2

After playing here for some time and taking lots of photos, I headed to the junction of 93 and 93A just five or ten minutes south. Here I turned right then an almost immediate left to Athabasca Falls.I am surprised that the crows here don’t charge fees to take their photos.This one character walked down the sidewalk to the crosswalk, stopped ,then kept walking all the way across the road, strutting his stuff.

pictures 282-2

pictures 252-2

pictures 211-2

There are paths to a few viewing platforms overlooking the falls and the gorge, plus you can walk down stairs to the Athabasca River. If you want to avoid the crowds, it may be best to go early.I have been here a few times in 3 seasons and it is different every time.I never get tired of it.

pictures 260


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