No Rain Going to Spoil this Parade!

No Rain Going to Spoil this Parade!

K_Days parade was today to kick off K-Days  for the next week or so. It did rain on this parade but it didn’t pour and no spirits were dampened. I love the horses and bands, and the floats although there weren’t too many floats. There was lots of enthusiasm from the crowd and the participants. K-Days used to mean Klondike Days but we don’t dress up for it as a lot of people can’t afford it or do not bother. Judging from the crowds, a lot of people got out for the fun!

Got to love the horses! This group is called the Sheriff’s PosseeIMG_0030-2

Spiderman was a big hit with the crowdIMG_0043-2

And so was Batman!IMG_0045-2

this clown like the others was riding a unicycleIMG_0049-2


Like the creativity of this puppet master!IMG_0065-2

One of my favourites! The kids were elated!IMG_0070-2

Look at this team…gorgeous! And the rigging too!IMG_0096-2

The Chinese community was well represented in the parade and had great dancing . IMG_0143-2

What’s a parade without the other attractions?IMG_0190-2

Unfortunately there are the downsides, like the stuff that people leave behind. Be responsible for putting it in the garbage can, please.IMG_0194-2




A Snake in the Bush

A Snake in the Bush

I went for a drive to Wetaskiwin a small community south of Edmonton. They have a wonderful park called “Park by the Lake” where a lot of birds hang out and there are trails around the lake as well as a concession that sells many flavours of hard ice cream.

It was great to spot the pelicans resting on the wharf across the pond and I spotted a pair gliding above me.untitled-0069-2



I saw three families of geese, one with the “teenagers”…untitled-0045-2

untitled-0048-2and one with a younger brooduntitled-0043-2

The highlight of the day was finding a snake in the bushes which I observed for a while. It is a Prairie Garter Snake, about a metre long.untitled-0020-2


Though tempted, I skipped the ice cream and considered seeing the snake the real “treat of the day”.

Happy (belated) Canada Day!

Happy (belated) Canada Day!

I enjoyed the fireworks, it was a big show celebrating our 150th though tempered with thought and empathy for the first Nations people who have been resisting all this time , and rightly so since we stole the land from them, then took the children forcibly from their homes and abused them in the residential schools as the settlers tried to assimilate them . Lots of damage done but they survived and are thriving. An apolog I look forward to the next 150 with renewed relations  focusing on meeting the charters “Calls to Action” on Truth and Reconciliation.

I just had to take a photo of everyone with their cell phones, getting ready for the first start of the show.









So there is a Lady in Waiting

So there is a Lady in Waiting

I mentioned before in a previous blog that I wondered if there was a companion for the male Ruddy Duck. I saw the pair of them diving together, but no young ones unless this female is a juvenile. Nice to see the two of them , however.






Here he is doing his thing, stiffening the tail and shivering, causing more ripples than usual, but it never amounted to much. Just showing off.


The Different Moods of a Coot

The Different Moods of a Coot

I saw every mood of the coot the other day at the pond. I saw the parent swimming with the young, helping dive and feed them morsels they caught from under the water. This was the youngest brood I saw, there was another older group of 5-7. untitled-0061-2

Then it would be alert and call out an aggressive honk. as it  swam closer to another parent, tail feathers raised and head lowered. The female Mallard at this point is standing her ground, so to say.untitled-0065-2

Then suddenly she or he scooted across the top of the water , half flying, half running chasing the female Mallard away, while all the ducklings watched. They just stayed where they were though, only the adults were involved.untitled-0067-2

After a charge or two, the Coot returned to her young, showing tenderness and patience toward their insistent peeping.untitled-0136-2