Intercultural Circle

What an amazing time I had at the Hindu Cultural Center on Sunday! It is the first time that I have been to a temple and the historical occasion was a meeting of two groups, the Hindu and Indigenous cultures and their similar spirituality, a spark that started in the 1800’s with a visit to the Winnipeg Train Station by a visiting monk, and I regret that I left my notes at home while I type this out at the library, so promise to update soon. We watched as the children were invited to take place in a sacred fire ceremony, observed smudging by a Metis Cree Elder, listened to drumming by the Chubby Cree Drummers and took part in a round dance. This is a beginning of a collaboration of two cultures to share ceremony and celebrate Unity through Diversity.

Children taking part in the sacred fire ceremony. I recognized the same gestures of “washing smoke” to the eyes and mouth , which is a cleansing ritual in Indigenous circles.


The Chubby Cree Drummers were strong in Voice and rhythm. Rare to have female drummers but hope to see more in the future. The young man has an bright future in drumming ahead of him.IMG_0044-2


Tricky Landing

The geese are more plentiful and landing can be a bit tricky as they hit the ice-covered ponds. Check out this trio as they land, the first two are safe but the third goose went plunk! as it hit, then broke the ice. It looked stuck  at first , then slowly made its way back to shore, which obviously took a lot of effort as it had to break through a layer of ice as it moved forward. other animals have died in the process so my thoughts were hopeful for this one.






Success! And I am sure, a bit of relief.IMG_0283-2

Curious Squirrel

Curious Squirrel

The red squirrels were too fixated on chasing each other a few weeks ago, but now that the first rush of hormones has subsided, they are coming up close to get at seeds and to have a closer look. i am shooting with my Canon Rebel XS and a 70-300 mm zoom lens.

This one stretched out to peak from behind the branchIMG_0032-2

Then he came out a bit moreIMG_0033-2

Now he is gifting me with a pose before he takes off again.IMG_0034-2

It is fun to have these encounters with the red squirrels and although they are fast I can usually count on their having enough curiosity to enable me to get a clear shot.

Part Two: Can we learn from history? Perhaps the question is what can we learn from history? Or why don’t we learn from history?

Part Two: Can we learn from history? Perhaps the question is what can we learn from history? Or why don’t we learn from history?

Something that I think bears repeating.


As early as 1939, Nazis began arresting teachers, civil servants, artists, priests, politicians, representatives of the intellectual elite, and members of the numerous resistance organizations that were springing up in Germany and Poland. Sometimes these victims were simply shot on the spot. Others were arrested and sent to concentration camps for trivial offenses—like failing to sing the pledge of allegiance with enough enthusiasm.

Before Auschwitz was built, Poles were expelled from a large region west of Krakow. By 1941, all residents were gone and their homes had been demolished.

Auschwitz I, located near the former village of Oświęcim, was an SS garrison and the seat of the main offices of political and prison labor departments. The main military supply stores and workshops were located there. Political prisoners began arriving in 1940.Auschwitz II-Birkenau, built in 1942 on the site of the former village of Brzenka, was originally intended to…

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Now What?

After all the excitement of the holidays there is a bit of a lull.Sometimes when I am not sure what to do , the answer is the next indicated thing. I was exploring my blog site and realized that I still did not have the apostrophe in my blog site title. I solved that problem, though I had to go to two places and it worked when I went into the  site page,  and then the theme, not this page that I write on to enter the blog for today.

How, exactly, did I do it? That is one of those “woulda,  coulda, shoulda” moments because I “shoulda” taken notes because I do not remember. Also, on my header for the site, I still had a photo for the fall, nothing to do with the “featured image” on this page.Now there is something more appropriate to the season.

It’s a new day and the beginning of a New Year. I will get out and explore with the eye and camera.But first, it is time to do the dishes.It can only get better.

Sunrise, taken with a cheap point-and-shootpicture-013

Snow Sunshine and Friends at Christmas

Snow  Sunshine and Friends at Christmas

Hoped it would be a White Christmas yet I better watch what I ask for;  although I like the effect of snow not sure that I want TOO much-there’s a point when driving in it is treacherous and shovelling it gets monotonous but we had a couple of inches on Christmas Eve that helped create the magic of the season.

It was a joy to go to a local park with my friend on Christmas Day and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, get some walking in and take photos of the scenics and birds.The fresh fall of snow made it all so pretty with the flakes sparkling in the sunlight.The temperature was -16 so it wasn’t a long walk but a welcome respite.

As the afternoon waned I joined other friends for a deliscious Christmas dinner followed by the classic “Christmas Carol” with Alister Sim. It was a great day filled with happy times and good company.

A light dusting of snow on the trees…christmas-10-2

Close-up of dry crystaline snow christmas-1-2-2

A lone skater on the pondchristmas-3-2

A fluffed-up Downy Woodpeckerchristmas-33

My favourite treechristmas-8-2

After the cool outdoors a warm meal  and warm hearts await…christmas-81-3



Autumn Bliss

Autumn Bliss

A few people that I know have commented on the fast arrival of fall with the leaves changing quickly. Mind you , I make and hear this comment every year and can’t help but wonder if it is age that makes seasons seem a little faster. What makes the leaves change colour isn’t the frost, as I originally thought but the amount of light in a day.Then again I wonder there is something to this “quick autumn” because we sure had an early spring.The grass and trees still  look good although a lot of leaves have fallen.As usual in life , I will just “take it as it comes”.

Here are some photos from around the river valley of  Edmonton.Most of the yellow colours come from the Aspens and the few reds that we get are from the Crabapple, Manitoba Maples and Highbush Cranberries.I am grateful for that.