Scaups, Mallards and Wigeons

It is early evening so the focus is not always sharp but the lighting gives a new ambience to the birds. I am not getting out as much as I would like because I broke my toe. I can walk, but in a very SLOW way. I am hoping the healing will be done as predicted in about two more weeks.

It would be nice to find a place to perch and let the birds come to me. In this case, I went with a friend to a local pond and felt such delight watching these ducks and ducklings.

Male Lesser Scaup captured in the setting sununtitled-0282-2

Male and Female Lesser Scaup,  she wouldn’t turn around, busy eating.untitled-0380-2

Male Lesser Scaup being quite vocaluntitled-0397-2

Female American Wigeonuntitled-0437-2

Male American Wigeonuntitled-0438-2

I have seen this group a couple of times and hope that they are not orphans because I have never seen the parents. They are Common Goldeneye ducklings.untitled-0215-2

It is fun to listen to mother “talking” to her brood with soft tones.untitled-0270-2

Red-winged Blackbird and Crow

Red-winged Blackbird and Crow

The bravery and determination of the male Red-Winged blackbird is impressive, especially whe he is protecting young ones in a nest. Here he has taken on a crow, and believe me, he was inflicting some pain, if I could judge correctly by the sounds that the crow  was making. The Red-Wing was successful in chasing the predator away.






Male Ruddy-Tough Little Guy

Male Ruddy-Tough Little Guy

I went to a small pond in the heart of a community north of Edmonton, hoping to see a Ruddy Duck or Hooded Merganzer but had no luck on both accountsAfter I visited Big Lake in St Albert I thought I would try the pond again, just in case.


As luck would have it, the Male Ruddy had just come out of the reeds so I went around to where he was and at first couldn’t see but where there was an opening in the reeds was exactly where he appeared. He even faced off with me, no shyness here! Here he is sputtering and churning up bubbles with stiffened tail and raised crest. Fantastic!


He saw I was no threat and swam away, but not before I got some images. Definitely worth returning to the pond!


The Beauty of Blossoms

The Beauty of Blossoms

The colours and smells are overwhelmingly beautiful in the city ‘s parks and along the streets. Had to take some photos and hope you like the results. I find it a challenge to get a good composition but think it is successful. These ones are of a deceased friend’s memorial tree in one of the parks. It started off spindly but it starting to take shape. She died in 2006, and I was surprised so much time has gone by. I want to develop these photos and send to her parents who live in another province but am sure they would appreciate the pictures.

untitled (11 of 75)-2
untitled (4 of 75)-2

The others are from the neighbourhood.