Loving the Owls

Loving the Owls

There are three pairs of Owls nesting in one particular valley here in the city and I have had the privilege of  finding one pair of great Horned Owls. There is another pair of Great Horned Owls and one pair of Barred Owls. I checked out the site and found the male nearby guarding the nest , then found the female in the cavity of a tree. So nice to see although there are no signs of the young ones, although that is not to say that they are not present, just not visible. But here is the newest shot of the male,  disappointing due to the branches in the way.


The female shot was a little more successful, although it started to rain and you can see streaks in the photos although amazingly no drops on the lens. More to come because I am hearing of other sightings of various species-I just need to get out there!


The temperatures have risen and the prospects look good.Have a great weekend and happy birding!

Red-Wing Blackbirds

Red-Wing Blackbirds

I suppose with all the snow I was not expecting to see and hear so many Red-Winged Blackbirds. Only the males were evident, perhaps staking out territory and practicing singing to attract the ladies. It was good to see them again.It was a very bright day, with the sun reflecting off the snow, a reminder that I need to wear a peaked hat and sun glasses. I had trouble seeing anything and the background is blown out but do enjoy the detail in the feathers Yes, that is snow on the bull rushes.




Patience for an Owl

Patience for an Owl

It takes some patience to find, and get a relatively clear view of an owl, especially when as in this case , this Great Horned Owl is snuggled up close to the tree trunk. Getting different views and coming back to the site after visiting other areas did afford us some success.



There were more photos but turned out more branches than bird. I am happy that I finally saw his face.



I think I like this one the best. Cropped of course.IMG_0332-2

Pine Siskins, Nuthatch and Chickadee

Pine Siskins, Nuthatch and Chickadee

Out on the trail again, a nice break from job-hunting as getting into nature clears the head and always makes me happy. Got some visits with Pine Siskins which I have been hearing but never seen until now when they came low to feed on seeds left by a hiker. Also was graced with a White-Breasted Nuthatch and a black-capped Chickadee.

I recently read about leaving your camera settings ready for the next shoot, but forgot and was in a darker area of the woods so the light was pretty low, and I adjusted aperture and ISO to suit the conditions after this White-Breasted Nuthatch left A  bit of adjustment in Lightroom helped.


These two seem to be a pair since one , the male, has much brighter markings. I was shooting with an f8 setting which did not give me enough of depth of field for both birds.There is always something to learn in photography as well as relearn old lessons.



This was a fast one so had no time to adjust my viewpoint without the branch in the way but seems like we made eye contact. I skipped the butt shots, there were a few.


Tricky Landing

The geese are more plentiful and landing can be a bit tricky as they hit the ice-covered ponds. Check out this trio as they land, the first two are safe but the third goose went plunk! as it hit, then broke the ice. It looked stuck  at first , then slowly made its way back to shore, which obviously took a lot of effort as it had to break through a layer of ice as it moved forward. other animals have died in the process so my thoughts were hopeful for this one.






Success! And I am sure, a bit of relief.IMG_0283-2