First Evening at Fish Lake

First, I want to start this post with a note of relief that I went on my little vacation when I did, because as of yesterday, restrictions have returned to Alberta. Our Covid numbers, specifically the Delta variant, have sky-rocketed and restaurants will be only doing take-out, so moving around, gathering in groups and travel may be a lot more difficult. The province regrets that they will be issuing vaccination cards as proof of vaccines to give those who have been double-vaccinated a little more freedom and perhaps give those who are not vaccinated a little more incentive to do so. God bless our front line workers and healthcare staff in hospitals who are dealing with burnout and a surge of patients while being under-staffed. 70% of surgeries in Edmonton have been cancelled as ICU space is filling up to capacity and beyond. Be kind, people. Now, back to the vacation.

After we checked in to our rooms we drove 6 kilometers west then south to Fish Lake Recreational Area at about 7:30p.m. There are four loops of camping spaces but we went right to the lake which has a few camping spots and day use area. There is a dock here right beside the parking lot and a boat ramp for non-motorized boats. A lot of people, go figure, like to fish here. I asked one gentleman what he had caught , and it was a rainbow trout. I have swam off the dock in the past but it would too cold now.

Days are getting shorter and the light is pleasant at this time of evening. Looking toward the south side of the lake.

We crossed a small dam on the north side of the lake to follow a path that goes all the way around. We were chased by some curious company. I used my walker and had little problem negotiating the trail on this side.
Nice reflections from this side at this time of evening. That is the T-shaped dock, ahem, that is blown out, with 2 benches. Another benefit are the benches on the trail, a nice spot to sit and enjoy the sights and sounds. As a person with mobility issues, I love those benches.
Nice hues coming out.
Two geese flew overhead. There are a pair of resident Osprey and a Loon with a younger offspring. but my images are not good.
The view of the other side of the lake from one of the benches.
Looking down the path we are on,
A Common Loon swam by not too far in front of us. A real treat.
8:13 p.m. Watching the colours
Nice sunset.
Last shot of the evening

After taking a few photos of the lake and sunset, we returned to the hotel dining room to have some fish and chips. well-cooked crisp fries, tasty coleslaw and 2 pieces of battered fish that was a tad cold in the middle but instead of complaining, I ate around the middle. I was tired after 4 hours of driving and it was good to have a warm bath and cuddle under a thick comforter while thinking about where we were going the next day: Cresent Falls and Abraham Lake.

15 thoughts on “First Evening at Fish Lake

  1. I didn’t realize you had mobility issues Jane? Good for you for getting out and not letting that get in your way! A true Trooper!
    In regards to Alberta’s cases surging.Kenny didn’t impose restriction so as to appease his electorate! He also wants to get voted back in the future but you cannot negotiate with Nature!
    “There are neither punishments or rewards in Nature,only consequences.” (paraphrasing Ingersoll)


    1. Yes, I have arthritis in the knee and opposite hip, that is why I passed on the idea of horse riding though I was sure tempted. I am on the list for knee surgery but that will now be an even longer wait. I love your comments re: Jason Kenney and paraphrase re:Ingersoll


      1. Sorry to hear about your knee and hip Jane but you are one of those people who won’t let that stop you from enjoying your life to the max! Good for you!
        Besides…..being in Nature helps heal!
        I bet If you could live out on Fish lake you’d heal in half the time!
        I go back to nature as much as I can. It keeps me young.


  2. Here I am, getting onto your next trip report – and love all the water and nature, thanks for sharing. And I too am sorry that your state has more Delta cases – and know that feeling of entrapment that lockdowns bring….


  3. Our ICU beds are over 100% full and the hospitals are creating more space for ICU. Almost all who are sick are people who did not get vaccinated for one reason or another. hospital staff are very burned out. Sadly , the only reason there is room is because people are dying. I got a card that gives evidence of my vaccines in order to go on a bus trip to a park recently and thus personally gives me more freedom that those who refuse to get vaccinated and protest that the government is taking away their rights. The downside of all this is I will wait a whole year for a knee replacement because of Covid.

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    1. yes “sad” on all accounts…

      although NZ and in particular my region Auckland is in a lockdown – there aren’t masses of people in hospital at this point, but a lot have been sent to the Quarantine facilities. Still there seems to be pockets of community transmission – most of which was centred in one particular area until this last week, when it was suddenly close to us – some people haven’t been thinking “straight” and travelled out of their ‘hood to over here.

      “stay at home, only leave for essential reasons or contactless pickup of orders” somehow that message isn’t getting through – because you’ve supposed to stay as close as possible to your local ‘hood…

      and yes medical services here for ordinary health/surgery is at a stop – I can’t even see anyone about my issues with my Asthma. I have to wait for face2face – I do however have permission to increase my inhaler puffs – which does appear to be helping…


      1. I have asthma as well, in control but have taken extra puffs this past summer, especially due to the forest fire smoke. We have some very belligerent people fighting for their “rights” without any respect for other people’s rights nor for the over-worked healthcare staff and we have a hesitant premier who is waiting for what? while people are dying and or burning out. Will not give them any more space in my blog than that. I am getting a complete knee replacement which will not happen for a year because our system is so back-logged due to Covid. Keep calm and keep well, I say, one day at a time. I am grateful to go for walks in my neighbourhood, which overlooks the river valley which is presently ablaze with fall colour. No complaints. I have a bit more freedom with a record of my vaccines but still being careful wearing mask, sanitizing hands and giving elbow bumps as a greeting but staying home more, having groceries delivered, away from crowds.

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