Intimate Landscapes

As I shared with some of you previously, I was due to go on a vacation, maybe overdue. I tried to go on a vacation in August but could not find a car to rent anywhere! A lot of companies has sold off some of their fleets and it was hard for them to buy new cars due to a lack of computer chips, as well as the fact that cars had been booked by people on vacations from out-of-province.

It was extremely hot in August , or rainy and cold, so I didn’t miss much not being able to go at that time, but I hit a good week in September, weather-wise, car-wise and hotel-wise. I had considered going to Jasper again, as I did last year, but the prices had tripled at most locations, so decided on another favourite spot in Central Alberta, the town of Nordegg. Nordegg is an old mining town in the foothills with three restaurants, horsebackriding, museum, beautiful lakes and rolling hills. Not too much to do in town but there are gift shops and lots of hiking trails in all directions.

A bonus was when I wrote a friend to ask if I could drop in to see her on the way there, or if we could meet, and she replied that the timing was perfect as she had been planning to go to this area, was free and decided to rent a room for two days. I met her at her place and she led the way as we both drove our own vehicles. Of course there was a stop on the way. I had never been to Beaver Pond so was happy to see this place for the first time. It was a pretty, peaceful stop just off the road with a small lake and picnic tables.

We had a glorious two days of exploring, photographing and catching up on news, as well as enjoying the food at the two restaurants in town.

Stumps intrigue me with their lines, the new environment that grows from and around them, including the grasses, lichen and moss.

Here, I liked how the trunk was highlighted by the back light at Beaver Pond. A pleasant peaceful rest stop with picnic tables.
Seen at Fish Lake, I liked the composition here, with the grasses and plants with their fall colours.
Fish Lake again, I liked the starkness, the reflections and contrast.
We walked a little way around Fish Lake in the early evening where the light was right and there were lots of intriguing little settings.
Again, early evening and an old rotting trunk with lichen and moss.
The longest day was spent travelling along Abraham Lake where we stopped at many points. I saw this stump at Windy Point and loved the lines in the wood.
The morning after my friend Maxine returned home, I visited Gold Eye lake about a half hour drive west of Nordegg.
Great stump on the trail at Gold Eye Lake.

These spots are all in David Thompson Country, named after an explorer, on Highway 11 which leads west into the center of the Rockies, with Banff to the south and Jasper to the north. I have made the loop from Edmonton to Saskatchewan Crossing to Jasper then back to Edmonton, which is a phenomenal trip, but I was content to hang around the country in Nordegg and area this time.

In the next post I will start with one of the stops we made, then go on from there. I am excited to share this with you, as I love this country.

10 thoughts on “Intimate Landscapes

    1. At the hotel restaurant we both had fish and chips with good coleslaw- fish was frozen and still a touch cold in the middle which I left on the plate but good around the edges and plenty so didn’t say anything til the end. Fries were crisp-the way we both liked them. For lunch next day BLT sandwich on marble rye-great! with those fries again. One breakfast I just wanted eggs and they were very accommodating. At Miner’s Cafe the cup of homemade Cabbage Roll soup was hardy and delicious-so was the homemade strawberry-rhubarb pie with a heaping scoup of ice cream, the latter of which I did not finish. Bagel and cheese one morning at the Cafe while my friend had an egg wrap.(eggs and ham or bacon which she liked). Great coffee! Motel was not the Hilton by any means, a small town motel, old but cozy and some newly renovated touches and friendly staff.
      I don’t know if the horses were still there but figured it would have crippled me up and I wanted to do some walking while taking photos so decided against it. Sigh…


  1. So glad you were able to take a vacation, Jane, and how perfect it lined up with your friend available as well. It was meant to be! Great set of photos, I too love old weathered stumps and driftwood. My favorite of yours is the stump shot at Windy Point. LOVE those lines!! Looking forward to more from your trip!


  2. I think I need a vacation as well, but that’s not something I can do in Auckland, NZ right now – another lockdown for our region – but your vacation sounds just right, particularly you could meet up with a friend and share the adventure…
    Cheers Catherine


    1. So true, Catherine. especially that she is a photo buddy for years and “gets it”. Good luck with getting your outbreak under control. I have a friend that recently returned from New Zealand before the lock-down but still had to wait a while before she could return.


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