Beaver Pond

After leaving my friend’s house, this was our first stop. Just a little place off the road but pretty, and peaceful.

I did take photos here and also took the time to “fire” my bear spray, which was way beyond its expiry date. I pointed downwind, and it was forceful sounding, but sprayed for only about ten feet feet. Hmmm, will get some new spray but at least this is the first time I ever used it and think it is important to practice. I feel less fearful now about using bear spray but would rather not see any bears at all other than from a car.

I did take photos here as well as had a snack and drink. You can see the rolling hills and mountains in the distance.

The view from the parking lot. Fall colours starting to appear.
There was a little path leading to the right. and this is what I saw.
Path to the left to a tiny waterfall.
Lovely trees and reflections
A bit challenging shooting into the light, but moving a few feet one way or the other helped.

It wasn’t too much further to the town, where we checked into the hotel, had a bite to eat and in the early evening we took a quick trip to Fish Lake a few minutes down the road.

9 thoughts on “Beaver Pond

  1. Oh doesn’t that lake look so inviting with a canoe! I bet it would hold all sorts of secrets!
    A lot of people don’t realize that bear spray should be shook first before spraying. The capsaicin is heavy and so sits on the bottom.
    American spray is 3 or 4 times stronger!


      1. and nobody knows that stuff Jane. I figured it out. The active ingredient is heavy so it settles to the bottom. Yes If you sprayed it would still work but the spray wouldn’t be as strong and in moments like that one would want the strongest it could be.


    1. It was great but too short . I had an extra day at the motel but didn’t book the car long enough so had to leave a day early. Argh! Regardless, I am glad I went when I did because Alberta is going into lockdown again.


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