Green Spaces-A Godsend

I feel blessed to live close to a couple of green areas a block from where I live. I am close to the river valley and a large yard at a church, as well as a little park with an ornamental pond. It is known that green space in cities increases mental health. I can vouch for that.

The spacious yard where you are invited to come in and rest.
Immaculate gardens tended by volunteers make this a delight to visit.
A perfect place for weekly evening concerts although expect the occasional sirens from firetrucks, barking dogs and local transit briefly interrupting the peace.
The water at this park runs out of a fountain then down a runway to the pond. There are Red-winged blackbirds here and a Pair of Wigeons and Lesser Scaups.
The view from the other end of the pond. The tall grey rectangle is the fountain where the water comes from.
There are walkways, trees and benches all around the pond. Often musicians will play on this platform ahead to the right.

I am very happy that I live where I do, surrounded by green, and cafes, as well as a garden in my own back yard.

This shows half of the back yard with fountain, grass, benches and lots of flowers. Also the vegetables that I am growing in the planter box on the right.

Yes, I feel blessed to have all this pretty well at my doorstep.

10 thoughts on “Green Spaces-A Godsend

  1. You do live in a beautiful spot Jane!
    You mentioned the positive affects these green spaces have on our emotional health. Being back in the bush for many years now has opened my eyes to some common truths.
    I think the reason why everyone is attracted to these green spaces is because it’s where we recharge.
    Your phone,after awhile needs to be plugged into a outlet for recharging. The same with us. We need to plug ourselves in as well.
    These green spaces connect us to our ancestral past. We all came from the forests. That experience is encoded into our DNA. )That’s why for instance everyone is so transfixed by bonfire flames.) All of these experiences reminds us of our ancestral past
    So I think these green spaces act as a conduit to our ancestral selfs, where we recharge our emotional, intellectual and physical batteries.


    1. Thanks for commenting. I agree, I think it is a connection to our ancestral past-I do crave it and do recharge. The minute I enter Elk Island NP east of Edmonton, a huge sigh comes from me and I feel relaxed. I could not find one car to rent in August so am going on a little trek in September to the mountains, but not Jasper, where the rates are sky-high. Oh, I am looking forward to it!


  2. Some of them dried literally to a crisp during the heatwave, but they are growing well now, especially since I thinned some out and given the carrots and beets room to grow. We shall see what the next couple of weeks bring.


  3. Indeed you are lucky, Jane. I can’t complain. Beauty and peace are nearby, but not as lush and gorgious as yours. Although the first of you images looks remarkable like a small man-made pond that I sometimes visit about a mile and a half (up a long hill) from my house. I should visit it more often. The exercise is very good for me.


    1. Exercise is always good My plan today was to walk to a nearby store to purchase a raincoat, but it is pouring out. and only 10 celsius. Will wait and see. It would be highly ironic to get soaking wet going to buy a raincoat.


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