Take Off

These photos are from last week when I went to an urban storm run-off lake. I was going to go back to the lake yesterday to shoot more photos but upon awakening felt very apathetic so put the fan on, stayed inside and edited for most of the day.

I got some shots of a lone pelican taking off so wanted to share them. That is a Red-necked grebe in the background.

Doing a bit of a run
i thought it was going a short distance and maybe that was its intention , at first
Lift off!
I think the ones at this pond are not breeding , did not see one bract on the top of the bills
Last big push of the wings
Now it’s airborne.

We are entering a heat wave and it will be roughly 32 (90 F) today and going up to 37(98.6 F) by Wednesday. I have stocked my fridge with jugs of water and ice (and lemonade for flavour). Last night it cooled down and there was a bit of a breeze so it was good for sleeping. That may not be the case in a couple of days.

12 thoughts on “Take Off

  1. These are wonderful, Jane. It’s so hard to capture that essential moment of lift off. I love where the guy is airborne. I don’t blame you for staying inside today. We, too, are headed for record-breaking heat. I hope you have AC. We’re headed for 106 F. I bought an extra fan before they all disappeared. I do have AC, but it doesn’t keep the upstairs very cool at night and I hate to turn the thermostat down enough to make the upstairs sleepable. The poor plants and animals. And glaciers.


  2. I don’t have AC in my apartment but do have it in the hallway. and the common area. there is a little bit of a breeze and a drop in temps tonight.. Had a patio visit today and ate BBQ food this afternoon and got sprayed with the hose every once in a while while sitting in the shade. Always have water and ice. I can’t imagine 106 F. We are so dry, there are bound to be forest fires. Stay as cool as you can.


    1. After church today, we went around the neighbourhood checking out birds, led by a birding enthusiast. Hot but fun. Not I am hunkering down with a glass of iced water and a fan. Better not tell that pelican that he looks pigeon-toed-might be insulted.

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  3. That was a great day with the pelicans. Staying home as it is too hot to be out. We are breaking records and there are air quality warnings. Making sure the bird baths and water bowls for dogs are full. I agree about the climate. We are breaking records here in Edmonton at 35C plus there are air quality warnings. Sitting within the distance of the fan and sipping ice cold water. Stay cool.


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