Fledgling Heaven and Pelicans

I went in the morning earlier this week to an urban storm run-off lake, hoping to see great Blue Heron, ducks and ducklings and American White Pelicans. The water was smooth and the light great. Missed the Great Blue Heron but lucked out with a sighting of a Black-Crowned Night Heron.

The first thing I saw was this Mallard Hen with her brood of ducklings.

I heard a “swooshing” sound as I was taking a photo of the duck family , looked up and guess who was coming in for a landing?

American White Pelicans coming in to fish. these must be first year youngsters because no breeding bracks
A chance sighting. I moved to get a better shot and it flew away, so I cloned out the branch that was poking into the picture.
A first for me. A father Red-winged Blackbird feeding his fledgling. i love those eyebrows! I had read the fathers never help with the young. Not true.
Male Hose Sparrow with fledgling. Is the feather stuck, or is he taking it back to the nest?
Female red-winged Blackbird searching for insects to feed to her young
Canada Goose family getting up to go for a swim. they came back later to sun and shade. There are actually four goslings, one is just out of the picture range.
American Coot on the rocks. Check out those feet. I did not see one chick.

I am still editing and also plan to go back to this lake at the end of this week or the beginning of the next. Maybe I will spot some Coot chicks or the Great Blue Heron. I thoroughly enjoyed my time here on the first day of Summer.

6 thoughts on “Fledgling Heaven and Pelicans

  1. Stellar! I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a Black-Crowned Night Heron. I’ve seen lots of your other captures, but never have I seen a blackbird (male OR female) feeding a fledgling. So cool


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