One Curious Gosling

The forecast was for rain but I decided to take a risk and catch a bus to an urban park that has a little lake and is notorious for goose poop. I knew it was fairly late in the breeding season but was hoping to see some young ducklings and goslings and I was lucky to see both.

The longest part of the journey is the walk from the bus stop to the lake, but I actually walked around the lake with the aid of my newly-acquired walker. I love the freedom it gives me to be able to get out in nature. It did not rain for a few hours until I was a block away from home. It was worth it.

Half way around, near the shore was a Mother goose with her goslings. One youngster got up from the family unit and walked toward me, its head turned to one side and locking eyes with me. Mother noticed this and got up , with her head stretched out and headed toward me. I said to her, ” your child is approaching me, but its okay, I am going to leave.” and I turned away. She relaxed and went back to her brood.

It was a special moment and I got three photos of this cute character before exiting peacefully away.

Mother Goose with her brood
I loved this little one’s open curiosity.
Was it already learning the habit of begging or was it curiosity?
Mom has noticed and is approaching . This is the point I excuse myself and leave, reducing any chance of escalation.

I was so happy to see them this young in mid June. There were a lot of gangly teenagers walking with their parents who are cute, too, but seeing the babies bring me joy.

That in-between stage when the adult feathers are coming in but mixed with a bit of down.

3 thoughts on “One Curious Gosling

  1. You are a thoughtful observer of nature, Jane. And I’m so glad that a walker has expanded your roaming territory. It is important for us to learn to adapt to our changing bodies. Not a fun thing to do, but definitely necessary to stay engaged with the world and with our passions.


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