Scenics from Chickakoo Lake

I enjoyed my walk there last week. This week I am on the computer while resting after my Cortisone shot in the knee on Friday, so it is a good time to go through photos.

I like Chickakoo Lake recreation area, it is familiar to me and though I can’t go as far as a few years ago I can still cover some of the trails

Here is the terrain from the Indian Ridge Trail where I went last week:

Lots of Warblers and Flycatchers in these birch and poplar stands.
Near the parking area there is a playground and a few benches and picnic tables with scenic views of the spring Greens. These can be found in various places on the trails, too.
There is more Spruce at this part of trail. I saw a Robin here and heard a Red-eyed Vireo.
Close-up of a birch bark tree.
Marshy area on Dog Leg Pond. The trail on the opposite side from me is called Nature’s Way.
Back at the parking lot, I took a close-up of the blossoms.

12 thoughts on “Scenics from Chickakoo Lake

      1. oh that’s great that “surgery” will take place at some point, then rehab to get you back hiking the trails and doing whatever you want to do. I’ve lost a lot of my walking fitness due to other issues… a year ago I could walk for miles but now, like yesterday walked too far and had to get a cab home (I wasn’t on a trail)…


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