Courting Gulls

I found the courting behavior of these Ring-billed gulls to be very quaint. They alternately dipped their heads into the water then dipped simultaneously. At one point they looked at me (third image) and obviously acknowledged my presence, then ignored me the rest of the time. I like the reflections of them in the water as well as the reflections on their chests.

I wonder if they see their reflections?
Lots of head-bobbing, looking around
Am I interrupting?
Such a refreshing drink!
Taking Turns
Drinking Together

11 thoughts on “Courting Gulls

      1. To be honest, I wouldn’t have noticed those reflections on their bellies unless you pointed them out – which you did because of the (he)artist photographer in you that sees things others just don’t – whether before, during or after a shoot!

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