Early Signs of Spring

Spring is unpredictable here in Alberta. Many years , but not this one, we have a snowfall on the first day of Spring. It did snow today but melted when it hit the ground. Other years we have had a blizzard on April 1st. Ha Ha some joke. A lot of us are happy for the warm weather as well as worried about forest fires because it is too dry. We need more snow and rain. I have heard geese, crows and a robin in the last couple of weeks, just waiting for my first sighting of a Robin, then the Ring-billed gulls.

Here are some images of the first glimpses of more to come. I am savoring it.

Time for rubber boots soon.
First pair landed and went straight to the puddle.
Second Pair came within minutes.
They went over to the pond and challenged the other pair. Sorry about the wires, can’t be helped.

Flocks of Waxwings (Bohemian) are gathering in the trees, getting ready to leave.
I think they just mated, it was quick.
In the rural areas there are geese flying over and crows cawing. The ice is coming off the ponds in the wetlands where later I will see Blue-winged Teals, Mallards, Barn Swallows, Sora, Northern Shovellers,, Ruddy Ducks, Warblers, Song Sparrows and the Red-winged Blackbirds as well as a few Yellow-headed Blackbirds. I feel very happy as I wait in anticipation.

6 thoughts on “Early Signs of Spring

  1. Loved your first shot with the reflections. So happy to see Spring is close to arriving for you, Jane! Every day will be new surprises, I hope you see your first Robin soon! I saw my ‘first North’ Robin a couple days ago in Maryland. They are on their way to you!!


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