My Pandemic Story

We have been in this pandemic for a year now since the first case in Canada and we were invited by one of my church groups to share our pandemic story with one another by e-mail which a few of us have done. I thought afterward to include my story here with a few changes and added photos, as follows:

It was a bit of a shock that week in early March when  there was no eating at meetings, then the next week I received notices from every place I ever went to , that all were cancelled. It has been a Godsend to watch church worship online or in person when able, and attend Scripture Reflections and Spirited Arts Studio on Zoom. It has kept me sane.

Collage done in Spirited Arts Group while online

I stayed home a lot and did not go out much, except for walks in the neighbourhood. When Covid-19 case numbers dropped  and the parks opened up in July, I rented a car and treated myself to a couple of nights at the Sunwapta Falls Resort in Jasper National Park while exploring the sites close by. Food was purchased in Hinton, just outside of the park and I cooked in my room as well as treated myself to a couple of delicious meals and afternoon tea in the resort’s dining room.

All the staff were friendly and wore masks, social distancing was practiced, plus there was hand sanitizer at every entrance so I felt safe. Another safety feature was Bear Spray that I borrowed from the front desk when I went out for walks.

Sunwapta Falls Rocky Mountain Lodge in Jasper National Park
Sunwapta Falls , a short walk or drive from the resort.

I enjoyed sitting on the veranda in the morning while sipping on coffee and reading my daily devotionals.

My morning spot for reading and coffee.
My view from my chair on the veranda

I enjoyed driving the Toyota Corolla rental through the mountains and did go to a favorite stop and saw an eagle in her nest with an eaglet!

I stayed in Hinton one night outside Jasper National Park to see the Beaver Boardwalk with trails through the woods and over the water. The warning signs about bears, cougars and wolves sure kept me attentive but did not see any wildlife – there was an abundance of the Indian Paintbrushes and Western Lilies.

Beaver Boardwalk in Hinton, Alberta
Western Lily

I joined one or two friends on hikes at Wagner Bog area, Strathcona Wilderness Center and Bunchberry Meadows. Wonderful!

Shooting Star at Wagner Bog west of Edmonton
Ruffed Grouse at Strathcona Wilderness Center east of Edmonton
Canadian Tiger Swallowtail at Bunchberry Meadows west of Edmonton

I also went to Miquelon Lake with a friend for a weekend and stayed in a tent and cooked over a single-element gas stove. We were proud of ourselves because we got the tent and tarp up just as it started raining and we managed to stay dry throughout the night. We played Cribbage in the tent and survived one of the worst thunderstorms I have ever been in while camping… hours of crash and boom and rumbling, one storm after another. The next night we met up with another friend and we sat in lawn chairs on the beach until it was pitch black and watched the Perseid meteor showers and listened to owls and coyotes. That was a blast although the dark was a little scary!

3 fun-loving women waiting for a meteor shower
Dragonfly on a nature walk at Miquelon Lake

Christmas was fun with a Zoom visit with 5 households in Ontario-chaotic and noisy, almost like being there while watching my great nieces open gifts.

Christmas morning via Zoom

Since then I go on occasional walks with a friend, both of us always wearing masks to protect one another . I have damaged lungs and she has cancer, but we have had good walks and talks throughout the pandemic. I have gained a lot of weight in the latter months so a friend helped me get a rack to mount my bike and ride it in my apartment, and I bought trekking poles from Mountain Equipment Company.

Need the step stool to climb onto the bike and I can see out the window while I pedal.

I miss everyone but am somewhat used to being alone and spend a lot of time on Zoom to keep in touch with people. Hope to get outdoors more once it warms up a bit, been -20 or lower for about a week. Stay well, everyone!

16 thoughts on “My Pandemic Story

  1. Thank you for sharing your pandemic story. A good reminder it hasn’t been all doom and gloom. That said, roll on spring and a quicker vaccination roll out!
    Stay safe and well.


    1. Oh yes, I did move last year. I realized that after I wrote the story. That was a big deal, and I needed to ask for help which was not easy for me. I am very happy here in my new home. Ahem, the bike works well if I work it. Been apathetic the last few days.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It is tough lately because we hit some cold weather, but trying to get back on track. It may be a while before we get back to a sense of normal, but in the meantime phoning friends and getting outdoors seems to be the best solution.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I said “she” for convenience sake, but did think it could be either. Glad to hear they tag team. It spent a lot of the time looking away, probably waiting for it’s mate. There was a crowd gathering so I drove away but could have spent hours watching..


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