Magpie Hunting a Vole

If you are squeamish, make your choice about viewing this or not. It is not something I have never seen before, so of course I decided to record it.

This Magpie poking at something and since it was fairly close, I started shooting with my camera. The object was hidden by a bump in the land and some snow, then the magpie was picking up a small creature, poking it, shaking it, dropping it. I was thinking, “What has it got hold of?”

The magpie had caught a vole and was poking the poor critter, maybe taking some bites and I thought I saw movement and even told the magpie, “C’mon, don’t make it suffer, kill it.” The light was strong from the setting sun and I was looking down from the top of the hill so the details are not very clear.

The magpie is picking the vole up and shaking it. Must have learned this from the coyotes.
This was when I could identify the vole, with its short little tail.
A pause.
The vole looks like it is sitting up but no, it is dead and some flesh is missing behind the ear.
The vole is just beneath that little ridge and I guess I was intruding , because the Magpie looked at me, took a couple more jabs, then left. Maybe it will come back later.

It is the first time I have seen a Magpie eating more than grasshoppers but have seen them eating meat out of a bowl at the zoo. I have never seen a Magpie hunting a vole before.


17 thoughts on “Magpie Hunting a Vole

  1. Wonderful observations. I’ve never seen anything like this either, although I’ve seen a crow make off with half a discarded hamburger. The magpie’s behavior reminds me of my cat when she got herself a mouse. It always bothered me that she would wound it enough to slow it down so she could play with it. Who said the animal world is more “humane” than the human world?


    1. They are beautiful and smart, but not always well-loved as there is one on almost every block of the city and they keep up a ruckus and keep the small song birds away. I like them for their antics.


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