Geese are Gathering

I took my friend’s car to my favorite local park and there were lots of geese. There were a few taking off and a few landing, so I had lots of practice at panning the camera to follow the birds. All were in pairs except for small groups landing or taking off. I wondered if they are just doing some practice runs, getting ready for the long flight that is to come.


It was very noisy, everyone honking wildly as they landed or took off, or when they were on the ground and someone else got too close.

Constant coming and going
Some were languishing quietly but looking a little stressed.
Others were less than welcoming.
Another welcoming party. Not a great shot but I liked capturing the behaviour.
No, one does not want to lie on the ground now in this park. Might be slippery.

This scene seemed relatively quiet, but with all the squabbling I wondered how they choose the leaders and get along for the long flight that is ahead of them.

14 thoughts on “Geese are Gathering

  1. Geese are funny. I’ve watched that behavior you describe. Stop & go landings! Just like pilots do when learning the ropes. I wonder if it is practice for them or they just can’t make up their minds what they want to do?


  2. Sometimes the university has dogs that chase them at night during nesting season, or use laser beams, plus the eggs are sprayed with oil so they don’t hatch.Fake coyotes or swans are put in the park that doesn’t fool anyone. I am sure the real coyotes get some. If only we could stop people from feeding them. I think they are protected, but maybe we could hunt them in certain seasons, but probably not good meat. (they probably taste like bread).


  3. Canada goose has transferred from Schedule 1 to Schedule 5 of the Wildlife Act. This means the species is “not protected”, allowing anyone to hunt or kill geese at any time of year. Canada goose has been moved from Schedule 1 to Schedule 5 of the Wildlife Act.


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