Sunset on the Beach

It has been years since I sat under the stars and was able to see them so brilliantly. I was with two friends sitting on a beach waiting to watch the Perseids meteor shower last week. Out of practice with camera settings and putting up a tripod with telescopic legs that need to screw open or shut and got nothing with my camera, but saw a few streaks across the whole sky and on the horizons. It was good having company in the dark, never would have had the nerve on my own. We were southeast of Edmonton in the Beaver Hills Dark Sky Preserve where light pollution is at a minimum. Here are some photos of our view as the sun set.

I missed the full glow in the clouds as I spent so much time fiddling with my tripod, finally took this by hand.
Some Canada Geese were out in the water with some Grebes, Gulls. Far away but still nice to see them.
Picnic table made a decent foreground subject.
A beautiful calm night. Cold too! glad I had a tuque and layers under my jacket.

The clouds did clear to some extent and we had a great view of the Milky Way and could hear the yipping of Coyotes and two great Horned Owls calling to each other along with our excited voices exclaiming, “there goes one!” ” I saw it!” “It had a tail!” “Did you see that??” ” Right across the sky!”

Great night; great memories.

20 thoughts on “Sunset on the Beach

    1. We were on lawn chairs beside another picnic table. a little ways behind the table that was a good subject. I did wonder what it would be like to sit right at the water’s edge. Probably cold. Too bad you can’t swim in the lake, too much saline from plants but a lovely beach.

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  1. Gorgeous captures, Jane, each one quite beautiful with wonderful compositions. Love the inclusion of the picnic table too! What a wonderful evening to be with friends and enjoy the sunset along with the surrounding wildlife. 🤗


  2. What an exquisite sunset you captured. I know just what you mean about trying to fiddle with the tripod and camera settings. I’ve tried so many different tripods and none of them are really user friendly. All are too heavy and cumbersome to go with me for most of my excursions so I’ve pretty much given up on all of that. I’ll leave the night sky to the real dedicated pros to capture so that I can revel in the first hand experience of the magic of night.


  3. Yes, it is telescopic with each section needing to be screwed, which takes an awfully long time. my old one is cheap and flimsy but I sure love the clips. Next time I will prepare ahead of time if there is room in the car. As for weight, I wouldn’t want to carry it far. I wanted long exposures for the stars but gave up, out of practice.


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