Athabasca Falls

Upon arrival at the parking lot, the rain poured down so I stayed in the car and waited it out for about 10 minutes. Once it cleared I was good to go. It is a very short walk to the falls but the weather was still “iffy.”

Mount Kerkeslin peaking through the clouds on the east side of the highway across from the Athabasca river and falls.
Stopped for this rock with it’s impressive lichen and moss.
I skipped a couple of viewpoints because I knew what I wanted, but stopped because this ledge of moss was so beautiful. my photo does not do it justice.
I took this from the top of a set of stairs from which I had a better view, but had to wait for people to get out of the way. That is the Icefields Parkway in the background.
This is where the water goes after the falls. On the other side of the fence you can go down steps to the river. When water is lower, it is a beautiful aqua colour.
taken in May 2012
My camera and I got soaked from the spray rising from the falls as well as the rain. Was constantly wiping off my gear.
Top of the Falls. Lots of power.
Slowed the shutter speed down for this shot, a little blurry but like the effect on the water.

I was soaked so went back to the lodge for a shower and nap, then had a bowl of cream of yam soup with masala spice, and a chai latte in the restaurant. Such luxury!

After supper it cleared up and the sun even shone, so I went to one of my favorite spots in the park, not far away, which is one of the reasons I chose to stay at this location.

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