On to Sunwapta Falls Lodge

Sunwapta Falls Lodge is 53 km south of Jasper on the picturesque Icefields Parkway and where I booked my stay for two days. “Sunwapta” is a Stoney Indian word meaning “turbulent waters”. Before I entered the lobby, there was a bottle of sanitizer on a table beside the entrance. All the staff wore masks indoors and out and everyone was very friendly and helpful. My hosts had my information from the booking so there was no more transaction to carry out. They gave me a bigger room than expected with two double beds in a long building like a town house with a shared porch.

Off the lobby was a gift shop then the dining area. There were signs and markers that guided one to the entrance and exit in the dining room which was log style and decorated with animal fur draped over the rafters A couple had the table in front of the fireplace and there was another room off the main dining area if it got crowded and people were well spaced from one another. I felt quite safe with regards to Covid-19. The food was great and I also had brought some with me.

Sunwapta Falls Rocky Mountain Lodge-the display to the right of the Tipi displays the stories and prints of famous Indigenous Chiefs such as Black Bear, Poundmaker, Crowfoot, etc. The lobby is in the middle with the entrance to the right and the restaurant is on the left side. I forgot to ask about the totem poles.

It is very expensive for my lifestyle but always wanted to come and treat myself after stopping here a few years ago. Only regret was that I did not book one more day. My plan was to stay on the parkway and visit some favorite spots that I have been to before, as well as go to places I hadn’t been. I lessened the list on my itinerary but drove shorter distances and relaxed more.

A courtyard in the middle of a cluster of cabins.

My favorite features were the microwave that I asked them to bring in, coffee maker, round table beside the window where I knew I would be writing, and a chair outside on the porch where I could have a leisurely morning coffee and do my reading. The latter feature was very important to me because I live in an apartment without a balcony. Here’s my view from the front door. Glorious! I didn’t mind the cars as the mountains were much bigger in real life. I enjoyed the constant chatter of Pine Siskins and even saw some Robins.

View from my Front Door
A little closer
Peak on the right side

I explored the grounds and met the resident Ravens.

They had names which I have forgotten.
Pretty tame Raven

Time for bed and be ready to explore Sunwapta Falls and Athabasca Falls the next day.

4 thoughts on “On to Sunwapta Falls Lodge

    1. It wasn’t full which helped and I sure enjoyed the break. NOT going to any crowded beaches. It was hardest to keep distance when passing others on the trails in the popular spots, though some trails were marked one-way. These spots are really crowded at times, partially why I chose to go during the week.

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  1. I suspect you have enjoyed a really rare treat here. I hear more people are opting for RVing rather than staying in motels/hotels, which makes for a nice, peaceful stay for the brave, like you. Looks like a place I’d like to stay for a week. But like you, I couldn’t afford that.


    1. Plus I rented the car-no, not cheap even with a “staycation” and “senior’s” discount but worth it. Yes, people are buying RV’s My friends went camping in Jasper, not all the campgrounds are open but they had a big tent in which they could distance.

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