Summer Moments

Getting out to Elk Island National Park for the first time this year was a joy after being locked down since March due to Covid-19. I took a lot of photos and did notice that I did not see as many birds as in May and June, which does not surprise me.

There were a few birds, and butterflies and other things that I want to share under the headline of summer moments. There are some moments that will stay in my mind for a long time, because I remember the excitement associated with it, as well as the beauty. I hope you enjoy the following photos.

I shared the Cedar Wax Wings with you last post but I figure there is room for one more..
This Song Sparrow came and posed for me and I managed to get a few shots. Others were too high and too distant, so this was a bonus.
I did not see the spots on the leaves before until I enlarged the photo so almost 100% sure these are Buffalo Berries. Birds love them . So do bears.
I find that Fleabane are pretty when they are in full bloom. I am starting to recognize some common names for the wild flowers.
Saw a small herd of Bison and can’t see too well but I think it is the bull that has all the birds on his back.
This might be a Taiga Bluet Damsel Fly. Bluet for sure.
Four Spotted Skimmer
The water is very high which kills those saplings on the edges of the shorelines. Calm waters make for beautiful reflections.
Nice reflections of the clouds which did build up and gave us a shower, but a light one so it was refreshing rather than a soaker.
The Living Waters boardwalk is not accessible because it is under water. In middle ground is a Red-necked Grebe feeding a chick.
This is a new Butterfly for me, it is called an Inornate Ringlet.

Too many photos are too many, so will stop here. I like shooting everything in nature, first birds then Butterflies then dragonflies. I am tentatively starting on wildflowers, or maybe I should say “trying to ID” wildflowers. It is the same with butterflies, I mean, really, just how many Fritillaries are there!?

I had a photo with a stump in it a while ago and one of the people that reads my blog told me that she likes stumps. I haven’t forgotten and found a couple of my favourite stump photos, so that will be the topic of my next post. Have a great day!

8 thoughts on “Summer Moments

  1. Very much enjoyed your beautiful photos, Jane. I’ve always enjoyed your posts of Elk Island NP, I’d love to visit there. If all goes as planned, we’re to be in Montana at Glacier NP in August. Just under 400 miles below EINP….. oh, so close! Of course, this cannot be the summer we can travel into Canada unfortunately, but hoping in another couple years things can be back to normal so we can visit some of your beautiful parks and refuges, including Elk Island NP.


    1. Relatively speaking, it is not that far. I do hope you can make it in the future. I do hope we get back to normal by next year. I am leaving for Jasper day after tomorrow and will give a report on what it is like with regards to precautions and, of course, the images. I look forward to hearing about your trip to glacier NP in Montana.

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  2. Jane it is such a pleasure to get to know you better by looking at your lovely photos. It demonstrates your respect and love for all creatures, plants and more. Keep spreading nature’s beauty. Loved the damselfly and many of your captures. Reflections of times spent together a few years ago. E.L.K.


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