Cedar Waxwings

I have been lucky to spot a few Cedar Waxwings this year so wanted to share what I saw the other day when I visited Elk Island National Park for the first time since it reopened, but must say they move around a lot and I found it difficult to get a good shot because of shadows and trigs, etc.

This one stopped for a moment, for which I am grateful
A few Waxwings came at the same time and seemed to love these berries which I have not yet identified.
Cedar Waxwing gorging on berries.
My friend alerted me to this when we went up an unknown trail to see what was there. I am glad we went .
Waxwing giving itself a good shake. I like this shot.

11 thoughts on “Cedar Waxwings

  1. Hey, masked woman! Brave new gravatar!
    Oh and I do like those waxwings…right down to their yellow-tipped tail feathers.
    So happy to see your ‘field’ work especially in these times. Take care, lady.


  2. I got excited just seeing your post title in my email, Jane! I love their intriguing looks and coloring, you captured them wonderfully! Glad to hear Elk Island NP has reopened and you’ve been able to visit.


    1. Oh yes, it was the first time I was out this year. What a joy that was! I couldn’t observe the Coots or grebes up close because the boardwalk and observing decks are all under water. Constant rain but that day was splendid.

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