Canada Geese and Goslings

Thanks to a kind friend, I got a ride to the park to blissfully spend time with my fine-feathered friends and shoot to my heart’s delight. First I will share some photos of Canada geese and goslings , whom I am happy to report, were all ages from quite young to fully grown.

A pair of Canada Geese, mated for life.
Preening and sleeping after a swim on the pond
A gaggle of geese coming out of the pond right where I was standing. Probably a grown up family.
A proud parent keeping watch over the “teens.”
I respect their space, not getting too close and let them approach me. This family seems comfortable with my presence.
Yum, dandelion is good!

13 thoughts on “Canada Geese and Goslings

  1. Oh my! That photo of the two really young ones! That is just adorable. Unfortunately, around here so much of their native habitat has been housed/paved over that they conglomerate in the parks, and lacking predation, they multiply in astounding numbers, leaving the terrain sickly poop-slick.


    1. Yes, there is that fact, I had to observe the ground carefully before I sat down. Coyotes may get a few. I saw piles of feathers at different points around the pond, was it a “kill” site or just molting? I still think the worst problem is people feeding them.


  2. I enjoyed watching them. There is always a lot of discussion over those large group of goslings with two adults. with comments like “How did that goose lay so many eggs?” They are interesting creatures.


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