Warblers, Warnings and Rain

It was an interesting walk today. I approached the valley via one of the stairways and could hear the Yellow Warblers calling back and forth, “Sweet, Sweet, I’m so Sweet.” Everything has filled out so much , I had trouble seeing into the trees. I saw a flash of Yellow and waited and watched. This is as close as I could get , but happy to see it.

Male Yellow Warbler
Male Yellow Warbler further up the path. I suspect the females are nesting.
I wonder if this was the coyote that I was taking photos of a few weeks ago?

I walked down the path to look for another Warbler as well as keep my eye out for Coyotes, wishing I had my walking stick with me and planning to put my camera bag above my head to look “bigger”, if I needed to. I didn’t go far because the clouds were getting darker and I heard the distant rumble. I stopped to take some photos of the sky.

A little bit of blue that soon disappeared.
Can definitely hear thunder now.
Rain coming down in the distance

It wasn’t long before I turned around and headed home. I got wet, but found it refreshing and it was very nice to have a warm bath when I got home.

10 thoughts on “Warblers, Warnings and Rain

  1. Your day is just the type I like to ‘experience’ weather…enjoying the rain and getting wet knowing I can then dry off and change into cozy clothes at home.
    Those yellow birds were gorgeous. But why would anyone even think of ‘feeding the coyotes’?


    1. You have said my thoughts exactly about the experience of nature and getting home to a bath. The feeding coyotes is that romantic view of befriending animals but STUPID, only resulting in an attack and the death of the animal. When I was taking photos of the female hunting, she would look right at me and was not afraid. We have a few hundred living in our river valley, so there are often sightings and even contact and they are getting bolder.

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