Bountiful Blossoms

They have reached their peak and bless the neighbourhoods with their eye-catching beauty and pleasant perfume. Don’t miss them, they don’t last long. I seem to have misplaced a few images of blossoms-did I delete them from the camera before downloading? H-m-m-m.

Lilacs are everywhere
Honeysuckles? I am not sure.
The Crab Apple Trees along the promenade
Nice smelling and so pretty.
Friends Visiting in the Scented Air

16 thoughts on “Bountiful Blossoms

    1. Thank you Otto.I had more and cannot find them. Maybe I will check today to there are blooms out there, I have a project in mind where I capture the shrubs in blooming stage and in berry stage, as a way of identifying them.

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  1. your a true lover of flowers Jane! You know what I enjoy this time of year…………the Dracaena trees are blooming! They have such a beautiful smell! The blooms only happens for 2 weeks or so!


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