Celebration of Tulips

Tulips are one of my favourite flowers, and I picked up these tulips at the grocery store. When I got home I realized these are Maple Leaf Tulips, designed with a shape of the maple leaf on the sides. They were designed for the 150th birthday of Canada, a gift from the Netherlands.

Gifts of tulips has been a tradition since Queen Wilhelmina sent 150,000 tulips to Canada after the war was over as a way of thanking Canada for the liberation of the Netherlands from the invasion of Nazi Germany. But before any of that happened, when the Germans originally invaded the Netherlands, Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard were forced to flee to Ottawa to escape the conflict. Juliana later gave birth to her daughter Margriet inside the Ottawa Civic Hospital in 1943, after Canada’s federal government declared the maternity ward extraterritorial so that the birth could still technically take place in The Netherlands.

Tulips are not originally native to Holland, but were introduced from Turkey in the 1600’s.

The Canadian Tulip festival takes place in our capital city, Ottawa, from May 8-18th. You can go online and take virtual tours of the gardens.

Maple Leaf Tulips-a welcome addition to the dining room table.

13 thoughts on “Celebration of Tulips

  1. I love tulips too and these look beautiful. The color of the maple leaf adds a zing to the flower. I just read up about the origins of the flower and yes it is Turkey (& Central Asia),\……. wow what an info you shared Jane. Tulip means turban in Turkish


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