Hungry Huntress

Hundreds of coyotes live in the river valley and I have run across them while walking the dogs and often hear of encounters from others. One of my wishes has been to spot one in the valley and get a shot with the camera. While I was looking for birds, I spotted a shape at the bottom of the hill and thought, “Ah! it’s probably just some garbage.” I took a closer look through the lens and to my delight, it was a coyote. I used a 300 mm lens and cropped some of the images.

Magpies hanging around for scraps.
A mother has to keep herself fed. She will show me how it is done.
The Pounce.
Another leap.
I see a short tail it might be a vole.
A couple of gulps and down the hatch.
One last look before we each continued on our way.

I took lots of photos of her as I watched her hunting in the grass. She caught about 5 small critters. I was blessed to be able to observe her for ten full minutes.

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