Prairie Hare

The following images are not of bunnies, but are Prairie Hares, sometimes referred to as White-tailed Jackrabbits. I thought our neighbourhood had three regulars but I am probably mistaken. There may be many more, because they only live from 12-14 months. They don’t really hop as much as leap and can reach speeds up to 60 km per hour. They are probably a little safer here downtown from the coyotes. I enjoy seeing the Hares, as they lay on the lawns in between apartments or nibble on the grass in the park or on the boulevards. The mothers will leave the babies alone because they have no scent, but will come back to check on them. If you see a baby hare in the wild or even in the city, it is best to leave them alone.

Here’s one between two buildings as I come up the street.
It has come closer to the front sidewalk. Someone is raking leaves on my right side.
It has decided to cross the sidewalk in front of me.
Picking up a little speed as it heads for the road. Where is it going?
Where is it going? Across the street, to meet up with this friend.
Moving faster than my camera speed.

The first hare in the photos was crossing the road to meet the second, I have seen them in relatively close proximity before at the nearby park. The second one still has a lot of white in its fur. In the summer they are brown or gray and in the winter they turn totally white, except for the tips of the ears. They weigh up to 3.5 kilograms and eat up to a Kilogram or 2.2 pounds of greens a day and twigs, branches and bark of landscape plants in the winter-not popular with the gardeners. They may have up to 3 litters in a year, with 4-6 babies each time.

I enjoy seeing them in the city and will observe to see if any are paired up or have babies.

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