Going with the Flow, Sort Of

I decided to make some changes in my blog post. I am sticking with the same theme, but moved the contents of the Sidebar to the Footnotes. Moving the Sidebar allows me to make my photos larger.

Then there is this little change in the editing tool. I thought I would try this new block format and at first tried Photos only but then couldn’t write the usual paragraph or two at the top of my blog. When I used the combination of photo/text block, the app would set a paragraph at the side of a photo, making the photo smaller. I didn’t want that, so I came back online to try some more options, starting with the paragraphs which I see that I can do if I set the Block type to “text”. Now, will I be able to insert the photo below?

Looking toward Hawrelak Park, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Yes, I can! Now, can I revert back to writing? Oh, yes, I can! I am going to like this new app after all. The only thing I miss is the old font on my actual website. I see that I can put a big capital at the beginning of the paragraph. It is BIG, even in normal font and I think it would look nice in the old font, a nice script. The choice for the “drop cap” or BIG Letter is in the box to the right of the page.

I notice more choices just above the paragraph, too, such as big header print, quotes, lists, etc.

I think I am starting to “get” it and notice that I need to go to photo gallery to upload a photo, cannot do it directly onto this page, but that is not a problem. I will choose to keep my font and text colours the same, as these apply to the paragraph only, not the whole blog. Maybe I can play with this later because there is more to learn! I wanted to share this with you, fellow bloggers, in case you are having some difficulty.

Ha, I was going to write “a quick blog”. Two hours later…The best to all of you.


12 thoughts on “Going with the Flow, Sort Of

  1. In my opinion a photo blog should feature , well, photos. I do not care for sidebars which, to me, are a distraction from the blogger’s creative genius.

    The photo should gloriously fill the page, and the incidentals can be located in the footer. That’s what the footer section is for.

    If a reader wants to follow your blog they’ll gladly scroll down to the footer and click ‘Follow’.

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    1. Ha Ha thanks . I think I felt at first that I couldn’t do what I wanted, but figured it out as I went through the process. It turned out the Script Font that I referred to is on the website in my Header and in the title. Happy New Year!


  2. This post looks very nice. I need to spend some time playing with and cleaning up my blog site as well. I’ve tried that Block formatting option a few times and been frustrated. It seems everything I do is up against a ticking clock. I’m supposed to be retired! Why am I always so darn busy?


  3. Regarding the Block format, kind of like little “windows” there is more to it than first glance. It changes with each paragraph as well as the overall format. Even with some free time on my hands, it always takes longer than I expect. I am still happy to have this space to do some writing and photography, especially since it is free.


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