Lured by Chickadees

Though the temperatures dipped a bit between Christmas and New Years, it has been a mild winter. We had a snowfall then warm temperatures above zero on New Years day, which was all the incentive that I needed to go to the river valley and try to capture images of any bird I could find. I was lucky that there was a man feeding a squirrel and the chickadees, too. I hung around where he dropped the seeds and nuts and gazed until I saw movement, then raised my camera to my eye and focused on the squirrel or bird through the viewfinder, then clicked, sometimes successfully capturing an image.

Yes, I did get fur and feather blurs but also got fairly-focused images. I felt joy being outdoors and hearing the calls of Chickadees, Magpies and possibly a Robin and some Pine Grosbeaks.

Looks a Little Awkward, but I am glad s/he paused for a Moment
Whoops , not Fast Enough
Thank Goodness for Those Pauses and No Sticks in front of it
Another Oops
Very Dull Light: a Challenge to get an Eye Glint
Happy to get the Colour in this Magpie’s Feathers
Stuffing his Beak until he had a Mouth-full of Corn
I Love the Wing Feather Patterns from the Back
I also Loved Hearing the Flutter of their Wings as they Flew over my Shoulder to get to the Food

It was a most enjoyable walk which I need a lot more of after enjoying all those Shortbread Cookies, Chocolate, Turkey and Ham dinners. Happy New Year Everybody!


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