Love that Horsey Smell!

Many years ago, I took a horsemanship course in Ontario. I worked with a great bunch of students and though I failed, I learned a lot of horsemanship and personal skills and got a couple of jobs working with horses after that. One of the women that I took the course with looked  me up on Facebook this year and left a message. It turns out that we  live not too far apart and  we finally connected this past week , the first time in 39 years!

We visited horses, of course, and though I didn’t ride, I petted them and took photos while we caught up on what we have been doing all this time. It was very humbling to try to step between the rails and found I needed to grab my leg and inch it over the rail, straddle the bottom rail, then slowly inch my other leg over. Pathetic! What tiny bit of muscle I have is tight, tight, tight! I am definitely not ready to ride, or even get on. I have something to work for now and even if I can’t build my strength and balance and flexibility to where I want, I will improve.

I was quite happy taking photos and just smelling that horsey sell on myself. We had so many memories to share and it was a fun afternoon.

Running around the exercise paddock
A quiet Pause
IMG_0534 (2)
Up Close and Personal
Day is Waning

7 thoughts on “Love that Horsey Smell!

    1. Thanks Laura, I was nervous when they were running around, but as they calmed down, I was happy to get close. Seeing my friend was like no time had gone by. I like your comment about being part of the “herd.”


  1. What memories to relive with your friend and horses! I bet the horsey smell was as if you had smelled it yesterday. 😉 I love your second photo,what a beautiful composition. And I especially love seeing you and the horse, you’re shining and look fabulous, Jane!


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