Lights On at the Legislative Assembly

Despite a slight  drop in temperature and a breeze that carried a chill, I met a friend at the Legislative Assembly of Alberta to celebrate the turning on of the holiday lights. I rushed to get there and made it on time, but no fears, there were speeches to make and then the countdown with a cheer rising up from the crowd of people that were gathered. Carollers stood on the front steps of the government building  and  sang some of my favourite Christmas tunes and hymns and the smell of hot Cocoa wafted through the air. I thought I would leave right after my friend left, but I got curious about what the view would look like from this point, and another. I sang along with the carollers and walked the grounds to get “just one more shot.”

Crowds are arriving and getting a good vantage point on the upper plaza
After speeches , a countdown and Hurrah! The lights are on!
Walking down to the main grounds
The star went out on the main tree but still lots of lights to see
We got some snow this week-adds to the holiday cheer.
Standing in line for hot cocoa
Lights Everywhere!
A view from the side-hope they get the star lit up again.
The front of the Legislative Assembly-where concerts will take place inside under the dome.
The plaza on the upper level.

6 thoughts on “Lights On at the Legislative Assembly

    1. Thank you Linda,I am getting so I like night photography more because of the cataracts so this holiday season should give me some opportunities to shoot. I was out today getting a “horse fix” but no way I can ride, am sore from getting my leg over the fence. Got lots of work to do if I ever want to ride again, but did take photos and will see later if they are in focus.

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