Lunar Eclipse worth the Early Rising

My body woke up before the alarm clock went off, and I decided to look out my front window which faces west. There it was,  the bright moon with a black shadow over the top left side that I could see through the branches of a large Elm tree. I took some photos through the window with branches slightly obscuring the view.



My intrigue was aroused by now and being more awake, I decided to go outside for more captures. There is a park across and down the road a couple of buildings, a perfect spot to set up my tripod . I had a great view there, even with a street light to the left.


I am glad that I made the effort because how often will I get a chance to see a Super Blue Blood moon? My freezing fingers cut the time short at about 6:39 a.m. when I believe the moon was fully eclipsed. It was cold! I discovered later that it was only -25 Celsius, a fact that I am glad I didn’t know before I left the warmth of the house or maybe it would have dissuaded me.

The photos aren’t perfect, there were some images that were trashed due to poor focus and camera movement but happy with some of the images and this is my reminder that I got up at 5 a.m. and braved the cold to get my own captures of the moon. In case you are wondering, yes, I was nodding-off by mid -afternoon.

Took the pictures using my aperture settings  at first , then changed over to Shutter priority settings at 1/ 8 second, f 5.6, ISO of 800 with a focal length of 300mm.



9 thoughts on “Lunar Eclipse worth the Early Rising

  1. Good for you Jane! I can enjoy this amazing event vicariously through your photos. I woke at about 3 AM to see a very big bright moon overhead. Then I went back to bed and dozed till about 5 AM. I leaped up and threw on some clothes and headed out the door. I drove about 6 miles up into the foothills that rim Boise so that I might be able to get a shot of the moon eclipsing with the city lights in the foreground. Alas, clouds had rolled in and I never even got a glimpse. It was a foolish notion anyway, as I don’t have a tripod, so I would never have gotten the image I wanted. I did get an early start to my day though.


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