Heritage Days -A Sell Out Crowd

In Alberta, the first weekend of the month is a holiday weekend with Monday being Heritage Day. Here in Edmonton the celebration goes all weekend where over 100 tents are set up around Hawrelak park where one can sample entertainment, food and crafts from over   particular country. It is HUGE and this year we broke attendance records with a total of 360,000 people on Sunday alone. That was more than the whole weekend last year. I went on the last day, Monday when the clouds looked ominous so there were much smaller crowds. I always enjoy the dancing and sampling the food from different cultures.

Time was a factor so saw a few, such as the newest one from Syria where I watched folk dancers and smelled Shawerma Damas and Mushabaks, in other words wrapped pita bread containing chicken shawarma, garlic sauce, pickle and pepper sauce and the latter a mix of fried sernolina dough dipped in syrup.

I just realized I don’t have a photo of the Syrian Pavilion. Well then, on to the Arab culture. There were dancers here as well and Sharwarma sandwich, Shish kabob, Falafel to name a few.IMG_0022-2

I enjoyed hearing Latino beats at one place where the young man led the crowd in Cha Cha and Salsa. That was a sight to see-people in all sorts of ethnic wear joining in to the impromptu dance lessons. Wanted to protect identity of the crowd but since this Latin man is in the public had no qualms about posting his photo.IMG_0014-2

I always go to the Aboriginal tents with the fried Bannock and Bison Burgers and saw lovely bead and quill earrings! There were two guitarists playing accompanied by two dancers moving more slowly than I usually see, but very flowing and graceful. One  was a shawl dancer and the man as you see here was a hoop dancer.IMG_0032-2

A glimpse of part of the set-up at one end of the park, the aboriginal tent. IMG_0025-2

A little bit of the Ukraine where you can get pierogies and sausages. It is like going around the world in one weekend. Unfortunately this barely demonstrates the massive crowds that were present the day before, but that makes it easier to get your food tickets line up for the food.IMG_0008-2



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