A Pleasant visit to a Lake in the City

My friend and I wanted a respite after a frustrating day so had a pleasant picnic on a bench beside a storm run-off lake in the northern part of the city. What a blessing! I stated that I was hoping to see the “Penguins”  which got my friend Diane heartily laughing. When I realized my mistake I corrected my choice to “Pelicans”  and quipped, “It was so cold yesterday that they just might show up.”

The water was calm and there was no breeze so it was quite enjoyable, although there were a lot of weeds in spots which reminded me of the tragedy recently when a girl was walking her friend’s dog which ran into the water and was having difficulty. She ran in to rescue it , got caught in the weeds and mud and drowned. Horrific! Thinking of the family and friends who have suffered this loss and sending a caution out to others who may be tempted to wade in.

The light was lower and I did see a Pelican preening itself on the raft with a Cormorant and a Duck. Well gee, can you two turn around?


Got some success at wishing they would pose for me.IMG_0215-2

It was nice to see different families of Mallards of varied ages this late in summer.IMG_0213-2

I was oblivious to this group until I almost walked into their space huddled on the shore.IMG_0236-2

Come to think of it, this may be the same brood.IMG_0264-2

I am grateful for the time with a friend  and a visit with nature.


4 thoughts on “A Pleasant visit to a Lake in the City

  1. Nature is so good to us, as is a special friend. I’m glad you got to be blessed by both this day. Thanks for sharing these lovely images. I love brilliant pictures. It’s the second best thing to physically/visually being in the moment myself!


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