Just Ducky!

I am at the library so thought I would take advantage and post photos of my favourite duck images that I have with me. Now that I am offline at home, I take photos and download them to my computer, then put them on a USB stick and take that to the library for publishing. A bit of a process but I am grateful that I have a way to share my photos. Enjoy!

Looks like this guy is skidding in for a landinguntitled-0246-2

I love watching the ducklings half run half swim acrooss the top of the wateruntitled-0309-2

A handsome Lesser Scaup in the early eveninguntitled-0398-2

A Mallard Drake Chillin’ at the ponduntitled-0025-2

Nice pose with good lightmallard drake-4

Sputtering Ruddy Churning up the Waterpictures 046-2

Aw-w-w…cuteness itself with this baby Mallardpictures 050-2


5 thoughts on “Just Ducky!

  1. This are wonderful shots! You got some lovely texture and detail of feathers and water droplets. And a nice variety of duck antics. The babies are certainly show stoppers. What a lot of work you go through to share with us. Thank you!


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