No Rain Going to Spoil this Parade!

K_Days parade was today to kick off K-Days  for the next week or so. It did rain on this parade but it didn’t pour and no spirits were dampened. I love the horses and bands, and the floats although there weren’t too many floats. There was lots of enthusiasm from the crowd and the participants. K-Days used to mean Klondike Days but we don’t dress up for it as a lot of people can’t afford it or do not bother. Judging from the crowds, a lot of people got out for the fun!

Got to love the horses! This group is called the Sheriff’s PosseeIMG_0030-2

Spiderman was a big hit with the crowdIMG_0043-2

And so was Batman!IMG_0045-2

this clown like the others was riding a unicycleIMG_0049-2


Like the creativity of this puppet master!IMG_0065-2

One of my favourites! The kids were elated!IMG_0070-2

Look at this team…gorgeous! And the rigging too!IMG_0096-2

The Chinese community was well represented in the parade and had great dancing . IMG_0143-2

What’s a parade without the other attractions?IMG_0190-2

Unfortunately there are the downsides, like the stuff that people leave behind. Be responsible for putting it in the garbage can, please.IMG_0194-2





4 thoughts on “No Rain Going to Spoil this Parade!

  1. This looks like a really nice, homey sort of parade. The kind that used to be so popular before everything got so big and glitzy. When I was a kid my mother loved getting us and our horses all duded up and riding in the Jubilee Days parade. I, of course, hated it.

    It’s discouraging to see that some Canadians are no better than ugly Americans, leaving their trash just sitting there, even though I’m sure there were plenty of trash cans nearby. Sheesh!


    1. Oh yes, there are trash cans at every corner, sad to say.Canadians are no better. Makes me wonder why we don’t have anti-littering laws. the government would have a great cash cow! No big fancy floats but still fun, especially with so many people showing up to watch and cheer..


      1. Well, don’t bet on laws to keep people from being pigs. We do have anti littering laws on the books, but enforcing them, along with all the other laws that clog the courts with infractions, is easier said than done. 😦


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