The Different Moods of a Coot

I saw every mood of the coot the other day at the pond. I saw the parent swimming with the young, helping dive and feed them morsels they caught from under the water. This was the youngest brood I saw, there was another older group of 5-7. untitled-0061-2

Then it would be alert and call out an aggressive honk. as it  swam closer to another parent, tail feathers raised and head lowered. The female Mallard at this point is standing her ground, so to say.untitled-0065-2

Then suddenly she or he scooted across the top of the water , half flying, half running chasing the female Mallard away, while all the ducklings watched. They just stayed where they were though, only the adults were involved.untitled-0067-2

After a charge or two, the Coot returned to her young, showing tenderness and patience toward their insistent peeping.untitled-0136-2


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