Fancy Dancers, Men and Women

First Pow Wow of the season for me  is the Ben Calf Robe which is indoors at the Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton, Treaty 6 Territory. Very impressive  flurry of colour and humbleness of spirit.









12 thoughts on “Fancy Dancers, Men and Women

  1. I have not been to a pow wow for several years.. I so enjoy watching them dance. These are great photos Jane. I like the jingle dancers too.. Some where on my blog I have posted photos too of dancers.. Thank you! This reminds me so much of how I miss them…


    1. I am glad you enjoy the photos and since this is the beginning of Pow Wow season hope you get out to one again yourself. I enjoy the humour of the announcer and the teachings that come with the commentary, as well as the rhythm and colour.also I find the history of the regalia and its meaning fascinating.

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    2. It is not foolish babbling, I just wanted to pass on what has been taught to me. We all slip up, too, myself included. When my camera group attended an info session someone accidentallly used the term “costume” and there was lots of laughter.the leader said “ah, it’s okay,”

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      1. Thank you for that correction. I also worried about using the word animators rather than people. But I just had the feeling that with out the live souls inside the regalia they would merely be, well…costumes on a hanger. (There’s that word again…but I mean it to imply …well heck. I just don’t know what the heck I’m trying to say so I’ll just stop my foolish babbling)


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