Loving the Owls

There are three pairs of Owls nesting in one particular valley here in the city and I have had the privilege of  finding one pair of great Horned Owls. There is another pair of Great Horned Owls and one pair of Barred Owls. I checked out the site and found the male nearby guarding the nest , then found the female in the cavity of a tree. So nice to see although there are no signs of the young ones, although that is not to say that they are not present, just not visible. But here is the newest shot of the male,  disappointing due to the branches in the way.


The female shot was a little more successful, although it started to rain and you can see streaks in the photos although amazingly no drops on the lens. More to come because I am hearing of other sightings of various species-I just need to get out there!


The temperatures have risen and the prospects look good.Have a great weekend and happy birding!


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