Those Flirting ‘Dees!

I am pretty sure these black-capped Chickadees are exhibiting “breeding display”  as they puff up their bodies and spread their tail feathers, all the while chirping merrily away.






7 thoughts on “Those Flirting ‘Dees!

  1. I’ve just been introduced to these little cuties in my own backyard, although I have no stunning photos like this to prove it. Funny thing, many years ago during a visit to family in Germany, I awoke to what I thought was someone’s alarm clock that kept going and going and going. It was a repetitive high-pitched fee-bee. Later in the day I heard it again and realized it was a bird, but no one knew what bird it was. It has taken me all these years to suddenly recognize that same call near my own house. I was delighted when I finally saw a chickadee in mid fee-bee! They are delightful.

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