Red-Wing Blackbirds

I suppose with all the snow I was not expecting to see and hear so many Red-Winged Blackbirds. Only the males were evident, perhaps staking out territory and practicing singing to attract the ladies. It was good to see them again.It was a very bright day, with the sun reflecting off the snow, a reminder that I need to wear a peaked hat and sun glasses. I had trouble seeing anything and the background is blown out but do enjoy the detail in the feathers Yes, that is snow on the bull rushes.





8 thoughts on “Red-Wing Blackbirds

  1. I live the racket of redwing blackbirds. It makes me think of Thoreau for some reason. I also like redwing blackbirds because they are one of the first bird species, (besides robins of course) that I learned to identify as a child.


    1. that is a pleasant memory! I like all the different sounds they make and once I got too close to a nest and the male came after me. I ducked, but felt his claws on the top of my head. I had to give respect to that and of course, moved away.


      1. Oh no! That reminds me of the time I was running from the barn to the house while my mother was visiting a friend who had chickens and peacocks running loose in the yard. I startled a peacock which flew up and landed on my 4-year old head! I’m wary of birds to this day!


  2. Oh my! My Dad hated my Grampa’s budgie on his head because it would poop on his head.I had a rooster attack my hand with his beak , that was extremely painful. Probably would be weary with those birds now.


  3. These abound in the ‘wet lands’ in dry and high altitude Colorado, but here in the true swamp-lands, of South Carolina I’ve yet to see a single one…miss my mile high environment along with those red-wings…


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