Horses on the Carousel

Going through older photos, I came across these ones I took of the carousel horses at Fort Edmonton Park. They are beautifully made, and hand-painted by hand to fit in the time period that they represent.and I apologize, I do not know the time period. There are some old rides in an  amusement park on the grounds that can be ridden. I share so that you can appreciate the craftsmanship.

June 24 065-2

June 24 066-2

June 24 067-2

June 24 068-2

June 24 069-2

June 24 070-2

June 24 071-2

June 24 072-2

June 24 075-2


6 thoughts on “Horses on the Carousel

  1. What a treasure, all in your ‘backyard’ so to speak.
    Even in this day and age with hyper fast rides and high-tech game characters, Carousel Horses still fascinate and contribute to a day’s fun at the amusement park…


  2. Your photos really capture the lovely details and fine workmanship on these horses. The eyes are stunning on some. I love your comment about them being painted to match their time period….whatever time period that is! You really got me giggling.

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