Everything is Waking Up!

If I sound excited in the title it is because I am. It was  a joy to walk on the trails in the city where the squirrels are curious and come to inspect,  birds coming back and all the other things there are to see in the woods are taking on new life.I have learned that there are parks that I can get to in the city by the local transit, although this time I went with a friend and shared the joy.

This pair of Mallard ducks were my first sighting this year.IMG_0008-2

This red squirrel could not resist the seeds that others had put out, regardless of our presenceIMG_0009-2

The Chickadees are always present and give me great pleasure.IMG_0019-2

I love the face in this rotted- out stumpIMG_0028-2

Fungi is in many places, always a good subject.IMG_0029-2

Handsome Great Horned Owl guarding his lady.IMG_0049-2

Crawled through some bushes to get a better view.IMG_0065-2

We even got a visit from this Lesser Chipmunk.IMG_0078-2

It is time to get out for more walks and commune with nature. I love this time of year!


3 thoughts on “Everything is Waking Up!

      1. We, too, had a late storm which made for an absolutely incredible closing weekend at the ski area. I spent today putting the ski season to rest….in other words, washing and storing all the ski gear and cleaning out the garage.


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