The Geese are Back!

This post is late compared to the actual time of seeing and hearing my first Canada Goose. I could hear them honking overhead at night time when I was walking the dogs-it gave me such a warm, nostalgic feeling as well as a feeling of hope as spring is finally here. I went to the nearby park to get a closer view and observed them in pairs , fighting each other when another pair got close, as they all establish their own territory. I admire the fact that they migrate over a thousand miles and it must be a rude arrival as they come to the ponds that are still covered with ice and snow. I am sure that the birds are used to the weather in early spring .The sun is warm and will solve the snow issue quickly.

I have seen lots of photos on Facebook and it seems the Mountain Bluebird population is healthy as there are many sightings. Just pray for continued good weather.A large part of the bluebird population got wiped out a few years ago when we had a big spring snowstorm.

I have been informed of more sightings of nesting owls so am hoping to get to see them and post the results here.

But for now, welcome back geese!


Another Pair Coming for a StopIMG_0014-2

A Handsome GanderIMG_0018-3

The cold Reality of arriving in MarchIMG_0026-2


2 thoughts on “The Geese are Back!

  1. Very nice shots of these guys. Unfortunately, geese are year-round residents where I live. I used to get all goofy-eyed and excited about seeing them, but since there are so many now, they have become a real problem. Like anything with no effective predators, they proliferate and the places they like to gather are also the places people like to gather–in parks and urban waterways. They leave a horrible mess. They are utterly tame here because they are habituated to people walking and biking past them all the time. I saw an abandoned goose egg a few days. It was in a little landscape island in a big parking lot near the river. Silly Mother Goose, I don’t know how she let that one get away. It was BIG, and warm from the sun, and lying there all by itself it seemed somehow very tragic.


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