A Fun Place for a Birthday

For my birthday my friend treated me to a visit to, get this, a boutique, bar and gallery run by the prolific owner, Gracie Jane. She was a very hospitable hostess, and served us a delicious Butternut Squash soup made by a local caterer. We were welcomed to stay and look around and take photos of this place that was packed full of  artwork using media of every imaginal kind.The art is not just on the walls-it extends to the furniture as well.

We spent some time looking at the artwork portraying famous figures as well as her bar patrons. What caught my eye first as I walked through the door was a few rows of bottles against the wall with paintings of the like of Prince, Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson. It was a fun time and she even offered me a pink drink which I declined but gave to my friend. There are karaoke nights and theme nights to raise money for charity.


I recognized Prince right away.IMG_0123-2

A piano featuring the great Liberace.


What an amazing cloak of many colours!IMG_0129-2Whether for a soup or a drink , it is a friendly place to stop by and chat, as well as look at the art, which is also for sale.



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