The Sesquicentennial Tulip

Thursday evening I toured the pavillions at the Muttart Conservatory, particularly the Feature Pavillion which is abundant with the smell and visual delight of tulips.In honour of Canada’s  150th anniversary this year, Holland produced and sent our region 30,000 tulips, some of which are being displayed in the Feature pavillion. The tulips  are red and white, the colour of our flag and when it opens shows  a flag-like maple leaf in the center. I went in the evening so the tulips were closed but I must go again in the daytime.

Holland has been generous with gifts of tulips as a show of gratitude to Canada when we played a part in its liberation at the end of World War ll.My father was a Sargent Major in the Royal Ontario Regiment (tanks) so he had first-hand experience in this event and warm memories of the people of Holland.

Personally I like tulips, all the colours and varieties, as well as their smell, which does not trigger my asthma.This exhibit celebrates Spring as well and includes daffodils, hyacinths, etc.Flowers at this time of year are a sight for sore eyes.Enjoy!

All photos were shot in low light and hand held so there is motion blur as a result.










8 thoughts on “The Sesquicentennial Tulip

  1. Lovely. The image with the bicycle could easily dress up a front yard. The tulips made me think of the mint candies that I love. All images are very nice, and bring Spring to life in my mind right now. It’s one of my favorite times of the year. Fall is the other. Thanks for sharing some history as well.


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