Snow Sunshine and Friends at Christmas

Hoped it would be a White Christmas yet I better watch what I ask for;  although I like the effect of snow not sure that I want TOO much-there’s a point when driving in it is treacherous and shovelling it gets monotonous but we had a couple of inches on Christmas Eve that helped create the magic of the season.

It was a joy to go to a local park with my friend on Christmas Day and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, get some walking in and take photos of the scenics and birds.The fresh fall of snow made it all so pretty with the flakes sparkling in the sunlight.The temperature was -16 so it wasn’t a long walk but a welcome respite.

As the afternoon waned I joined other friends for a deliscious Christmas dinner followed by the classic “Christmas Carol” with Alister Sim. It was a great day filled with happy times and good company.

A light dusting of snow on the trees…christmas-10-2

Close-up of dry crystaline snow christmas-1-2-2

A lone skater on the pondchristmas-3-2

A fluffed-up Downy Woodpeckerchristmas-33

My favourite treechristmas-8-2

After the cool outdoors a warm meal  and warm hearts await…christmas-81-3




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