Lighting the Bridge

We used to have “water falls” pour out of taps on the High Level Bridge in Edmonton for special occasions, but the passage of time brought leaks and costly repairs so when the thought of lighting the High Level bridge came up, it was not a popular idea at first. After talking back and forth about where the money would come from it was decided to publicly raise funds for the purchase of LED lights  rather than have the government pay for it. Some people thought this was a “silly” idea but not all, because the money was raised. The LED lights are programmed on a computer and sometimes set to music which you can listen to on a local radio station usually on “Canada Day”. Since we are a “river city” tens of thousands of people line up along both sides of the river to watch the display.

It is fun to drive through the bridge when the lights are on, too. I  have taken long exposures while going through the bridge, (as a passenger, mind you).One of my friends informed me that there are special displays for the holiday season so I made sure to visit -the colours are varied and pretty! In the second image the red lines are from the tailights of the cars driving through.





4 thoughts on “Lighting the Bridge

  1. Cool…Hubby and I love to drive over, under, through bridges of all sorts. This is the first one we’ve seen which is lit in such a way as to be a trippy experience…would love to visit Edmonton just for that bridge drive. (which we would do over and over and over throughout the evening…)

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